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Review: My Current Fave Tv Shows

Ok so I know I have described these TV shows as my top 3 but if I am being honest I would have to say that if some one where to ask me to put them in order of my favourite to least favourite I simply wouldn't be able to decide.. They're all just too good!
These 3 programmes come under the category of being 'Teen Dramas' but personally I don't agree, I think they should be named 'All Age Dramas' because from the moment these shows launched the audience age varied, I'm almost 22 years old but I have spoke to people older and younger that have said they also love them and to be honest I don't see how you cant? they're too freekin amazing!

So without further ado, and in alphabetical order (because like I said I can't decide an order lol) lets get on with these little reviews then shall we?
Lets begin with 'Gossip Girl'...well well well if you like drama plus class this programme's for you! It is set in New York's upper east side and follows the lives of both upper and middle class teens, giving you an insight to what it would be like living the life of luxury, with classy cars, shofars, glamorous fashion and all things only most of us could only dream about!
Their everyday lives are taken over by a mysterious online blogger a.k.a Gossip Girl, who reviles all their deepest darkest secrets. Personally after the very first episode I was hooked! I really love the fact that throughout this programme there is always a situation that most teens will at one point or another go through such as bulling, sex, drugs, family issues, partying, eating disorders, the list is endless.
Another reason I'm so in love with this programme is that it never gets boaring, NEVER. There are always twists and turns, as soon as you think you can guess what's going to happen next.. you're wrong and left wondering 'what the hell? no way!' the cliff hangers in this show are unbearable and leave you not wanting but NEEDING to watch the next episode!
Next on my list as you may have already guessed is Pretty Little Liars. This programme is by far the best game of cludo you will ever play! following the lives of four teenage girls that drift apart after the disappearance of  their fifth friend Alison but are soon brought together again by an unknown figure contacting them through text message signed -A, threatening to expose all the girls' secrets, secrets they thought only Alison knew about giving them new hope that their friend may well be alive and well. However as the episodes go on you begin to realise that things are turning nasty for the girls and the -A messages may not be from Alison but an anonymous source that knows a little too much about their lives than they though possible. The thing I love most about PLL is that you're always left with questions at the end of EVERY episode, why did they do that?, how did -A know that?, I wonder if it could be him or maybe her?....Ahh too many unanswered questions you just need to know.
This programme is so thrilling, mysterious and god damn addictive that I found it was all I could think about, I know it's sad but it's also very true! after a while I found myself just watching at the weekend so I could binge watch for hours on end!
 And last but not least The Vampire Diaries, this fictional vampire programme is nothing like I have ever seen before! A vampire (who ages but doesn't look any different) returns to his home town only to find himself falling in love with a human who resembles his old true love. While trying to get to know the high school girl better, things go from bad to worse when his brother shows up in town, the same brother who had promised him a lifetime of misery (which is a LONG time if you're a vampire lol). With one brother depriving himself of human blood for centuries and the other a blood thirsty bad boy makes for some nail biting entertainment! throughout there are so many unexpected twists you find yourself in a love/hate relationship with all the characters.
Normally I'm not a fan of vampire things, I don't think I've ever even watched buffy the whole way through but this was suggested to me and I will be forever grateful because the story line is just amazing and is forever changing and keeping your attention. It's not one of these fictional programmes that are overlay exaggerated and non believable, its actually quite the opposite and all in all a fantastic must see!
So just to sum up...All 3 of these programmes are just absolutely amazing and if your looking for something that will have you hooked and wanting more, to watch with friends or just for binge watching I would highly recommend any of them, I guarantee you they will fast become your guilty pleasure!
 Have any of you guys already watch one (or more) of these programmes? if so let me know which ones and why you love them too, I would love to know!
(P.S please don't leave spoilers lol:p thanksssss)



WigWam Holiday!

It was summer time last year (July to be precise) that my boyfriend and I decided to take a break away from our home town, we are the sort of people that would prefer somewhere quite and peaceful as apposed to a holiday abroad. After looking online for hours on end we finally came across a little place called The Loft that had Wigwams onsite and the prices where great. They also had lodges and pitches for tents, It looked like so much fun and nothing we had ever done before so we decided to invite some friends along for the adventure! I'm only blogging this now because I recently found my camera with all my pictures and looking back on them made me miss this great little place so much I just had to share it with the world!

The site is in a place called Kinloss, Scotland. We Obviously must have been to distracted/excited when we booked online to consider how far away it was because we never realised how long it would take travel to until we had already been driving for about 3 hours and we still weren't quite there *Sigh* but eventually after around 4 hour or so, not to mention we drove right past our destination due to the sign being quite small and hid away, we arrived.
I must say all that traveling and "are we there yet?" comments were worth it in the end when we arrived at main reception to check-in. The staff where so friendly and helpful that they walk you to your accommodation, which didn't take long as the site itself was quite small but really nicely laid out making it feel a lot bigger. when we arrived at our wigwam I was amazed, they were all nicely spaced out so you felt like you had some privacy and not gate crashing your neighbours that are sitting eating their dinner lol. As for the wigwam itself...Absolutely incredible!
From the outside they looked so cute, with a big porch and bench so you could sit and relax during the day and by night watch the beautiful sunset. Inside was basic but I was surprised by how spacious and how much head room there was, my boyfriend is almost 6 foot and he could stand straight lol! there was a little fridge freezer which if I'm honest didn't hold a great deal but was good enough if you're only staying a few nights, a kettle and a electricity meter that run on £1 coins, and just some advice if you ever manage to visit... only feed the meter when needed, we made the mistake of placing £5 in there and for our 4 nigh/5 day stay only used £2 at the most, amazing! There was also a little fire pit outside that we had paid for to have fun nights round and toast marshmallow, you can order your wood for the fire and later that day a nice man will come by on a quad bike and drop it off to you in a little bucket, genius idea if you ask me! This is rare because not many sites in Scotland allow you to have a fire nowadays. Amazingly we slept 5 people in here comfortably, 4 in the back area where the seating pulls out to form one  huge bed and one person on the single bed/sofa near the front.
There is a communal shower/toilet block and kitchen area for people who are not staying in lodges. They where always kept clean and you could often see cleaners in and out making sure the place stayed that way, the showers where really hot but the only downside to that is its really cold once you step out but nothing you can't handle!
The kitchen area has a large fridge, sink, cooker, microwave, toaster, pots/pans cutlery and everything else you could possibly need, also tables and chairs if you fancy eating in there which we did most nights. the kitchen is opened all night so extremely good if your nocturnal and fancy a snack lol.
The Loft also have a restaurant that we unfortunately never got round to eating from but walking past smelt like it had some seriously good food cooking! There's also lots of activities to choose from for adults and children, to much to note down so you should go check it out HERE.
While we where there we took part in archery (I could NOT get the hang of it!) and quad biking which was very fun and the staff that took us for both activities where very outgoing and defiantly made it worth the money because it was a little pricey but way worth it! they even offered to stop along the way and take pictures for is which I though was really nice of them don't you? We also booked a paintballing day somewhere (not sure where) near by. New experience for me because I have never done it before but let me tell you...IT HURTS! even still I actually really enjoyed it.
All in all we had a fabulous time and will defiantly be making a point of going back and also to see what else the area round about has to offer because since then I had heard of so much more things including near by beaches and other fun activities! unfortunately I don't think we'll make it back this year (sad face) but never say never!
Have you been on holiday or a short break? please leave the link in the description, I'd love to have a look.



Step-By-Step Valentines Day Decoration (Love Heart Chain)

I was flicking through pintrest the other day and found that it was filled with loads of great valentines day gift/décor ideas and they all looked SO lovely! this was one of the décor ideas I came across so it was by no means my own creation, I wish it was thought.. but its not:(. Unfortunately I forgot to pin it so I don't have a clue who to thank for this easy peasy, super cute 'Love Heart Chain' so I though I would recreate and share with you, enjoy!
Coloured card of your choice, at least two sheets even if it's the same colour
A stapler (You could also use glue If you have more time than I did)
A ruler
Some Scissors
A pencil
And That's it! Standard household items, How cool is that?!
Take one piece of paper and place it landscape. With your pencil and ruler make a mark ever 2cm.
Once you have marked out each 2cm space place your paper portrait and use the marks as a guide to draw lines downwards, do this for all the little marks you made and then takes your scissors and cut out all the little strips.
TIP - instead of doing this for all the paper you have, take them all and place them one behind the other with your stencil on top, that way you're cutting them all at the same time but in half the time, GENIOUS!
Take 3 strips of paper and staple them together, the middle strip of paper will be the piece that you will use to hang up your decoration, example:- the white piece in my picture will be used to hang the bunton up and the red strips will form the heart.
Take the two end strips of paper and fold them back on themselves, bringing them together in a heart shape (see 1st picture) and staple it in place, add another strip to each side at the bottom of the heart, again staple in place (it should then look like picture no.3) and repeat until you reach your desired length, once your think you're finished, instead of adding two strips just add one so it's ended the way you started.
AND that's it! that's your homemade 'Love Heart Chain'. They look absolutely adorable and from a personal point of view they are not just for valentines day!
Let me know what you think in the comments, also have you made any gifts/décor recently? I would love to see them!



How I Started...

First things first… HI:) My Names Nicole (I know, bit obvious right? anywayyyy)

For the past few weeks now I have been thinking about starting my very own blog, somewhere that I can write down anything I want and share my stories or opinions with anyone who wishes to read, (or create them because I have a few D.I.Y ideas in mind too).

It all started when I was watching YouTube (British YouTubers to be precise) and they inspired me so much to a point that thoughts started racing through my mind about how amazing it would be to become a vlogger, I’m only 21 years old now so I thought it would be the perfect way to start documenting things in my life to look back on as I get older, Needless to say I must have over looked how hard it would actually be because after many attempts at vlogging and replaying my footage back I realised that I wasn’t as confident as I first though, putting myself out there for everyone to see completely terrifies me, not to mention the fact that I’m Scottish and the biggest fear I had was that no one would be able to understand a word that was coming out my mouth lol, so I came to the conclusion this is the best way for me at the moment and I am SO excited to start this new internet adventure!

Soooo if you are interested in what my blog may bring just hit the follow button and also...

let me know in the comments what made you start your own blog because I would love to know and check it out.


 Nicole ♥


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