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First things first… HI:) My Names Nicole (I know, bit obvious right? anywayyyy)

For the past few weeks now I have been thinking about starting my very own blog, somewhere that I can write down anything I want and share my stories or opinions with anyone who wishes to read, (or create them because I have a few D.I.Y ideas in mind too).

It all started when I was watching YouTube (British YouTubers to be precise) and they inspired me so much to a point that thoughts started racing through my mind about how amazing it would be to become a vlogger, I’m only 21 years old now so I thought it would be the perfect way to start documenting things in my life to look back on as I get older, Needless to say I must have over looked how hard it would actually be because after many attempts at vlogging and replaying my footage back I realised that I wasn’t as confident as I first though, putting myself out there for everyone to see completely terrifies me, not to mention the fact that I’m Scottish and the biggest fear I had was that no one would be able to understand a word that was coming out my mouth lol, so I came to the conclusion this is the best way for me at the moment and I am SO excited to start this new internet adventure!

Soooo if you are interested in what my blog may bring just hit the follow button and also...

let me know in the comments what made you start your own blog because I would love to know and check it out.


 Nicole ♥

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