About Me

About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog:)!
Well to start with my name is Nicole McGrath,I am Currently 21 years old although by the time the 31st March rolls around that's the day I will be turning 22. My family and friends mean to absolute world to me, I simply couldn't imagine my life without them!
I currently work in a secondary school, not as exciting as it may seam though because I'm not a teacher or anything of the sort...I'm a cleaner (embarrassed face). I did attend "Early Education and Child Care" at my local collage when I left school, I completed my first year but due to the applications department making an error I went back to finish of my second year only to find I had been placed in the social care course. I had to take the year out and apply for the course the following year, when it was time to re-apply I had already started my job and money wise it was more sense to stay where I was, at least for now anyway.
I enjoy doing all things girly and always willing to try new things, except for foods..I'm always hesitant about that because I am a fussy eater lol, I wish i wasn't but I am.

You can follow me on pintrest if you wish - @NicoleMcGrath21 
I hope this has given you a little insight about me but if there are any questions you would like to ask me feel free to leave me a comment:)

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