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WigWam Holiday!

It was summer time last year (July to be precise) that my boyfriend and I decided to take a break away from our home town, we are the sort of people that would prefer somewhere quite and peaceful as apposed to a holiday abroad. After looking online for hours on end we finally came across a little place called The Loft that had Wigwams onsite and the prices where great. They also had lodges and pitches for tents, It looked like so much fun and nothing we had ever done before so we decided to invite some friends along for the adventure! I'm only blogging this now because I recently found my camera with all my pictures and looking back on them made me miss this great little place so much I just had to share it with the world!

The site is in a place called Kinloss, Scotland. We Obviously must have been to distracted/excited when we booked online to consider how far away it was because we never realised how long it would take travel to until we had already been driving for about 3 hours and we still weren't quite there *Sigh* but eventually after around 4 hour or so, not to mention we drove right past our destination due to the sign being quite small and hid away, we arrived.
I must say all that traveling and "are we there yet?" comments were worth it in the end when we arrived at main reception to check-in. The staff where so friendly and helpful that they walk you to your accommodation, which didn't take long as the site itself was quite small but really nicely laid out making it feel a lot bigger. when we arrived at our wigwam I was amazed, they were all nicely spaced out so you felt like you had some privacy and not gate crashing your neighbours that are sitting eating their dinner lol. As for the wigwam itself...Absolutely incredible!
From the outside they looked so cute, with a big porch and bench so you could sit and relax during the day and by night watch the beautiful sunset. Inside was basic but I was surprised by how spacious and how much head room there was, my boyfriend is almost 6 foot and he could stand straight lol! there was a little fridge freezer which if I'm honest didn't hold a great deal but was good enough if you're only staying a few nights, a kettle and a electricity meter that run on £1 coins, and just some advice if you ever manage to visit... only feed the meter when needed, we made the mistake of placing £5 in there and for our 4 nigh/5 day stay only used £2 at the most, amazing! There was also a little fire pit outside that we had paid for to have fun nights round and toast marshmallow, you can order your wood for the fire and later that day a nice man will come by on a quad bike and drop it off to you in a little bucket, genius idea if you ask me! This is rare because not many sites in Scotland allow you to have a fire nowadays. Amazingly we slept 5 people in here comfortably, 4 in the back area where the seating pulls out to form one  huge bed and one person on the single bed/sofa near the front.
There is a communal shower/toilet block and kitchen area for people who are not staying in lodges. They where always kept clean and you could often see cleaners in and out making sure the place stayed that way, the showers where really hot but the only downside to that is its really cold once you step out but nothing you can't handle!
The kitchen area has a large fridge, sink, cooker, microwave, toaster, pots/pans cutlery and everything else you could possibly need, also tables and chairs if you fancy eating in there which we did most nights. the kitchen is opened all night so extremely good if your nocturnal and fancy a snack lol.
The Loft also have a restaurant that we unfortunately never got round to eating from but walking past smelt like it had some seriously good food cooking! There's also lots of activities to choose from for adults and children, to much to note down so you should go check it out HERE.
While we where there we took part in archery (I could NOT get the hang of it!) and quad biking which was very fun and the staff that took us for both activities where very outgoing and defiantly made it worth the money because it was a little pricey but way worth it! they even offered to stop along the way and take pictures for is which I though was really nice of them don't you? We also booked a paintballing day somewhere (not sure where) near by. New experience for me because I have never done it before but let me tell you...IT HURTS! even still I actually really enjoyed it.
All in all we had a fabulous time and will defiantly be making a point of going back and also to see what else the area round about has to offer because since then I had heard of so much more things including near by beaches and other fun activities! unfortunately I don't think we'll make it back this year (sad face) but never say never!
Have you been on holiday or a short break? please leave the link in the description, I'd love to have a look.


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